The Ohio River Bridges East End Crossing

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Stormwater Management Coordination

The Indiana Department of Transportation will provide information on this Web page regarding coordination with the Louisville Water Company (LWC) and the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) with respect to the final design of stormwater management features of the East End Crossing, including timely notice of the filing of permit applications and public comment deadlines for any permits sought by INDOT or its contractor for the stormwater management features of the East End Crossing.

The Department has previously coordinated with LWC and KDOW regarding preliminary concepts for a stormwater management system that meets the requirements of the Revised Record of Decision to make efforts to prevent roadway pollutants from entering the Well Head Protection Area (WHPA) in Section 4 of the EEC. The requirements of that system are:

  • Stormwater runoff from the East End Bridge and roadway within the WHPA shall be collected and floating materials shall be separated before the stormwater is discharged into Harrods Creek.
  • The drainage system shall contain a 26,000-gallon spill. Manual controls shall be provided at a point within the system to stop the spill from entering Harrods Creek or the WHPA.
  • Drainage shall be conveyed in either a water-tight storm sewer or lined ditch. Ditch lining shall be impermeable and shall extend a minimum of one foot beyond the top bank of the ditch.

The final design of the system requires concurrence from both LWC and KDOW.

A KPDES Permit Application has been filed with the Kentucky Division of Water. Once a public comment period is identified by KDOW, that information will be provided on this page.

To download key documents related to the stormwater management, click on the links below: