The Ohio River Bridges East End Crossing



Navigating the Roundabout at the SR 265/SR 62/Port Road Interchange 

The SR 265/SR 62/Port Road Interchange includes three modified roundabouts designed to move traffic safely and efficiently. The interchange is part of the East End Crossing, which connects Southern Indiana near Utica to eastern Jefferson County near Prospect via the new Lewis and Clark Bridge. The SR 265/SR 62/Port Road Interchange opened in the summer of 2015.

Roundabouts are safer than a traditional signalized interchange because they have:

  • 35% fewer accidents
  • 75% fewer injury crashes
  • 90% fewer fatalities

Click on the diagram below to open a hi-res version in a separate window/tab which will allow you to zoom in tightly.



Point-to-Point Animation

Click here or on the image below to access an interactive point-to-point animation which will show you the various options a motorist can take at each roundabout.

Point-to-Point screen grab


Roundabout Brochures & Video

Downloadable brochures are listed below which provide more explanation of this interchange as well as roundabouts in general.