The Ohio River Bridges East End Crossing


East End Crossing Schedule

The East End Crossing reached substantial completion in December 2016 when the Lewis and Clark Bridge opened to traffic. Below is the 2016 construction schedule leading up to the opening of the new bridge.

Tunnel South Portal Feb 2016

Construction continues along KY 841.

Construction activities

  • Placement of new KY 841 concrete pavement continues
  • Tunnel electrical and mechanical systems installations will proceed, including the new tunnel control building at KY 841 and U.S. 42
  • Construction on the main-span bridge precast concrete deck panels and cable-stays
  • Aesthetic enhancements throughout the Indiana approach
February 2016

Work on the upper struts of the towers was completed in early 2016.

Work In Kentucky

January 2016

Construction on the Kentucky approach bridge, just north of River Road.

  • Mid 2016: Northbound KY 841 to U.S. 42 ramp will be open to traffic
  • Mid 2016: Final concrete liner for the tunnels will be complete
  • Late 2016: Construction from the I-71 interchange to the Ohio River will be complete, including landscaping
Tunnel liner

Crews working on the final concrete liner of the tunnel.


Work on the River

Towers Indiana Aerial

Both towers reached their full heights of 300′ in early 2016.

  • Early 2016: Structural steel for the Kentucky approach bridge will be complete
  • Mid 2016: Installation of the cable-stays and structural steel for the main-span between the towers will begin
  • Late 2016: Erection of the main-span will be complete, followed by final finishing works

Structural steel work on the Kentucky approach bridge.

Work in Southern Indiana

Old Salem Road

Construction at the Old Salem Road interchange.

  • Early 2016: Bridges between Salem Road and the Port Road interchange will be complete; final grading and landscaping will be ongoing
  • Mid 2016: Concrete paving from Salem Road to the Ohio River will be¬†completed; final¬†grading and landscaping
    will be ongoing
  • Late 2016: Construction on SR 265 from the SR 62/ Port Road interchange to the Ohio River will be complete

The SR 265/SR 62/Port Road interchange opened to traffic in mid 2015.



The new East End Crossing reached substantial completion in December 2016.

Bridge w-traffic