The Ohio River Bridges East End Crossing

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Map Legend

  • I-64
  • I-265
  • I-265 Ramps
  • City Street
  • I-65
  • I-64, I-65 Ramps
  • Edge of Pavement
  • Bridge Shoulder
  • I-71
  • I-65, I-71 Ramps
  • I-64, I-71 Ramps (KY), I-65 Ramps (IN)
  • Right of Way
  • Temporary Easement

View the East End Crossing Map Overlay in Google Earth


Google Earth is unlike any map you have ever seen. This is based on real satellite images combined with maps of the bridge, roads, overpasses and the tunnel that make up the East End Crossing. You can zoom in tightly to see great details. If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, simply click the map. If you don’t have Google Earth installed, take the following steps.

1. Install Google Earth. (

2. Open the file with Google Earth.